Land Development & Regeneration

We need new models, skill-sets and partnerships if we are going to deliver the scale of development required to address the UK’s housing shortfall, Viventi Capital Management has the experience and expertise to be the catalyst that makes that happen.

Traditional development models and approaches have failed to deliver the scale and pace of new housing development that meets the nation’s need for new homes

Since the financial crisis of 2008-10 regional and national house-builders have increasingly focused their efforts on short term delivery and sales rather than developing strategic land for development. This key change in approach has been driven by constraints on equity, their need to increase operating margins and a lack of expertise and capacity to undertake larger and more complex development projects.

Consequently, as politicians from across the spectrum prioritise the need for increased house-building, there is still a shortage of ready-made solutions, sites and capacity to resolve this acute public policy challenge. Crucially, house-builders need to find more capital effective means of utilising land for development if the UK is to bridge the housing supply shortfall and deliver at the strategic scale needed to deliver homes for the future. Land delivery is the major bottleneck in the £325bn opportunity stemming from the chronic shortage in UK housing availability

“Crucially, house-builders need to find more capital effective means of acquiring land for development if the UK is to bridge the housing supply shortfall and deliver at the strategic scale needed to deliver homes for the future.”

These changing dynamics in the supply of land to the residential property development sector has created a structural gap in the delivery of consented land facilitating the need for new players with specialist expertise and capacity. Due to the significant front-end capital requirement prior to planning, and its highly specialised blend of skills, Viventi has a unique market advantage in being able to scale its operations to tackle the land delivery bottle-neck that is stifling residential development potential in the UK. We have developed a solution which is rooted in our Investable Placemaking philosophy and delivered through our dedicated delivery and funding structure.

Furthermore, Viventi’s key expertise and capacity to deliver investable solutions across the Build to Rent and Extra Care platforms, enables us to deliver these elements as early foundations for integrated place-making strategies for key sites.

Our systematic approach is designed to minimise risk for our delivery and match project funding requirements through the four key phases of Origination, Delivery, Operation and Exit.

We find the right sites. We invest in land in areas which have been identified for residential or mixed-use development within relevant Local Plans, but typically prior to the granting of planning permission. Our targeted acquisition strategy is aimed at mitigating risk while benefitting from the largest value uplift anywhere within the real estate value chain.

We work with the grain of national and local policy. Our approach is fully aligned with the government’s housing delivery initiative and its planning and local agendas. We work closely with local authorities to deliver their planning, regeneration and economic development aspirations.

We have the necessary in-house skills and track record to take sites from origination to being shovel-ready for development. Viventi’s team have a proven track record with regards to acquisition, design, master-planning, promotion, consent and servicing of strategic land through the planning process.

We subject projects to rigorous appraisal and financial analysis. Our acquisition and planning strategy is informed by in-depth analysis of local economic and demographic research, focusing on areas with high growth and value uplift potential.

We focus on detail, delivery and quality. We work with trusted development partners able to undertake, if required, detailed planning permission, design work and work with local authorities and contractors to initiate and deliver project.

We can source the right long-term investment and provide investors with bespoke exit options. Our ‘exit team’ design site specific exit methodology for investors which both maximise return and are considered prior to acquisition. Exit strategy is a key part of an integrated risk mitigation methodology. 

“Our systematic approach is designed to minimize risk for institutional investors through the four key phases of Origination, Delivery, Asset Management and Exit.”