Build to Rent

The acute shortage of good quality homes to rent is a massive challenge to the UK’s future economic prosperity and its social cohesion. Viventi provides new delivery models that offer a better product to residents and a stable long-term return to investors.

Structural economic and demographic change are driving a massively expanded demand for high quality privately rented accommodation. Housing market commentators predict that by 2025, 25% of all UK households will be rented privately. Today the general standard of privately rented accommodation in the UK is still poor, whilst the market is fragmented and unattractive to institutional investors.

There is therefore a pressing need for a radically improved product, attractive to different occupier groups, and an investor-friendly delivery model designed to deliver a substantial increase in supply.

Viventi aims to become one of the leading investor-developers and operators of private rented homes in the UK. We are pioneering a radically new vision that addresses the changing needs of today’s residential market that can deliver at-scale solutions. We are creating a new generation product in the form of Build-to-Rent developments that are underpinned by institutional investment and set new lifestyle standards. Our approach is based on a process driven approach that mitigates risk and maximizes value.

53% of all local authorities in england have potential to support viable build to rent

43% in areas outside london


Viventi focus on key regions based on socio-economic and demographic demand indicators

Secure long-term investment

We have access to the scale of institutional funding that enables us to be dynamic and versatile. We can acquire developments that are ready to operate, and undeveloped sites taking them through the planning process to completion. The long-term strategy from our investors gives us the opportunity to plan for the long-term as well, enabling us to create attractive sustainable communities into the future.

The right sites in the optimum locations

Through our extensive network of relationships with public and private sector partners we are assembling a portfolio of sites across the UK that are in prime locations in areas with strong demand, growing economies and excellent transport connectivity. We subject every site to careful evaluation and appraisal understanding local market conditions, enabling us to create the right product in the right place.

A unique product within a thriving community

We are committed to reimagining private rented accommodation in the UK. We are creating desirable and sustainable places for tomorrow. From the very start our developments are conceived with our future residents in mind. From architectural design and imaginative use of space, to the quality of public realm and social facilities, we are creating Build to Rent homes and communities that will set a new benchmark for the private rented sector. The UK needs to radically rethink and diversify the offer, understanding that it will be families, not just young professionals and older people, who require rented accommodation they can be proud of. Our product must meet the lifestyle and quality aspirations of all these groups.

The highest standards of operational quality and efficiency

We are working with the Best in Class providers of property management services to guarantee our residents the highest and most innovative standards of service. Working with leading operational partners, we’re learning from best international examples of how technology and a modern service culture can revolutionise the corporate rental model in the UK.

A guaranteed delivery pipeline

We have set up a Build to Rent delivery platform to ensure a long-term pipeline of projects to fulfil our objective to become a leading national developer and operator of rented homes in the UK. In addition, we have a set of established strategic delivery partners with strong national and regional profile.