Institutional Investment Platform

Our ability to deliver at-scale solutions is founded on our desire to create long term values for investors and great paces for people, through the strength of our partnerships with leading operational and delivery partners.


Setting new standards for quality, efficiency and innovation

We are working with leading UK and international real-estate specialists to set new standards for the management of privately rented accommodation in the UK. Renting should be viewed as a desirable choice, with residents offered inspiring, attractive and well-managed properties with the highest possible standards of service. The quality of service and management is vital to both residents and investors, ensuring occupancy and safeguarding the asset’s long-term value.

Guaranteeing a long-term delivery pipeline

Viventi have a breadth of relationships with both public and private sector landowners and are assembling an extensive portfolio of attractive development sites across the UK. Sites have been carefully selected and appraised in terms of demographic, market and economic data. Our focus is on areas with established demand, robust rental values and strong growth. Through our strategic relationships with strategic delivery partners we deliver a future pipeline of projects to meet supply requirements within key markets and areas across all our core platforms.