Investable Placemaking

We provide a holistic package and intelligently designed solutions, bringing together partners, opportunities and assets to create new possibilities and places.

Viventi Capital Management is tackling the big challenges, bringing together a professional team and partners with a unique blend of skills, experience and a shared vision.

We unlock the potential of land to create the places of tomorrow through our unique philosophy of Investable Place Making. We focus on two key and complementary objectives.

We focus on the creation of value through making and managing connections between our investment platforms and unique development opportunities in our core areas of expertise. We’re active and engaged throughout the investment life cycle, from project inception, through design and planning to construction and delivery ensuring maximum operational efficiency and viability.

As part of our investment underwriting process we provide market insight, deal sourcing, investment appraisal, financial engineering, technology and management expertise to deliver the optimum financial result. Each of our development platforms is supported by substantial institutional funding capability. We have the capital to develop and operate our property assets to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability enabling us to create communities designed for different markets. It is our level of financial backing and acumen that underpins the Viventi approach.

We believe that the best product delivers the best investment return. We don’t replicate, we innovate. We want to set new standards and bring forward better designed, better managed and more attractive places to live and work. We’re looking and learning from across the world to see how technology can be used to create the best possible experience and quality of life for residents.

We future-proof our developments for the benefit of residents and investors. We understand that great homes are designed and planned to be part of great communities. Social infrastructure, attractive public realm and good design are integral to our approach and an essential part of the places we make.